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Big Whiskey whitetail hunts

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Alberta is synonymous with large-bodied and large-antlered whitetails. We just grow them here. Our unit is ideal for whitetail bowhunting, having a wide variety of terrain and timber types. Ranging from our classic agricultural land areas, with shelterbelts, bluffs, and ravines to our public land aspen parkland-boreal forest mix. Plenty of habitat for those book deer to lurk!

We can provide whitetail hunts from Sept 1st through to October 31st, but some of the best hunts occur during the pre-rut of late October.

Our whitetail bowhunts are conducted using treestands along travel corridors. The class of whitetails in our area, are much like several regions in Alberta with the chance of taking a nice buck quite good.

As many areas also have elk and mule deer, combination hunts can be provided as well.

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If you want to chase trophy whitetail, come to Alberta!